Luna · 11 answers · 5mo

dear leticia…

Cia.. segera tobat bucin Jaemin.. atau gapapa deh semoga Jaeminnya cepet nyampe

Dear Leticia, how’s today treating you so far? Did any inconvenience happen or the day spoke much softer?

halo anak lucuw 🤧 kita baru ngobrol lagi belum lama ini karena kamu habis whoosh menghilang (aku juga sih..) but i’m glad you approached me here that day so we can be here now, conversing to each other again and again 🥺 i hope you’ll always be surrounded with good things and positivity only, sayya cyg. you deserve it as much as you light up your surrounding. your existence itself is already endearing to me, please note that in mind. wishing you happier days ahead ya, dd. if anything you may share it with me!!

Thank you for holding on, thank you for being such a bestest girl, thank you for did well, thank you for existing, and thank you for everything, cantikku.

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