desea · 19 answers · 10mo

what animal features would you sprout if you could(i know cat ears will likely be there but consider more exotic parts :3)

a tail to replace me moving my legs back and forth when I'm excited or happy

im thinking about this for ages now. flying is ofc a humans dream and it might help against my akrophobia but having wings doesnt mean being able to fly.... otherwise some weird sensory organ? like being able to feel things i havent before? probably useful while tinkering.

I would be hunted down and kept in a government facility for experimentation if I had any externally visible ones. I guess another liver or something would be cool?

Some kind of eye that can sense more of the light spectrum would be cool. Or super hearing. Or super smell (actually that one might be more annoying than useful). Or shark teeth that keep on regrowing so I don't have to worry about going to the dentist. Or an extra heart just in case. Or octopus arms so I can know what it feels like to be multiple brains. I can think of more but I'll stop here

Cat ears are definitely appealing but I think I’d go for bat wings!!! And maybe also bat for ears, the tall triangular kind x3

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