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soleil · 22d

kakak what makes you happy these daaays 🍴

The feeling of being enough, it keeps me alive (I hope you feel it too, dd cantik)

Björn · 6 answers · 16d

Siapa mutuals di remotechoes yang belum followan di akun baru

FY · 2mo

Hi bestfriend 8) What's your first impression when we first met back then or thought on me please?

One month ago... I’m sorry for the late response FY I AM BARELY HERE but here you go: you were so lovely (and still up to this day) and undeniably sweet, even blooming Jasmine got nothing compared to you!

Nino · 7 answers · 2mo

There’s always the first time for everything. Now tell me; What was the first movie you watched and what do you think about it?

I can’t recall it clearly since it was a very looong time ago, but it was one of those from Star Wars original trilogy! The beginning of my Star Wars freak arc I think

FY · 5 answers · 1mo

May I know what makes you a little happier today, dear friend?

My boyfriend!!! :D And seeing my friends being in love or simply being happy with their current lives! I’m starting to eat well again! And I’ve just started a new book which makes things more exciting! I hope to know about yours in return

Jase · 11 answers · 1mo

Which idol do you recommend me to roleplay other than Jeno Lee?

Kas. · 10 answers · 3mo

Here I am again with a mainstream question but can I get a first impression or any thoughts on me? 🤔🤍

You seemed sooo pretty and lovable, a literal definition of a girl's girl! But we were not that close back then so you gave off a bit of hard to approach vibes at the moment

Sugarplum · 3mo

Can we also talk about your thoughts on me :)

Structured by many Taylor Swift’s songs glued together :) you’re nearly her child (both of you are good with words). Everything about you revolves around or related to Taylor Swift I suppose

Jase · 11 answers · 3mo

Apa hal yang selama ini hal yang kalian merasa gak terlalu berharga tapi semakin berjalannya waktu kalian merasa kalau hal tersebut berharga?

Tidur siang... (very very very /srs) dulu pas kecil gue selalu gak mau kalo disuruh tidur siang tapi sekarang (karna lebih gampang capek kali ya) setiap ada kesempatan buat tidur siang abis ngampus, rasanya kayak dapet grand prize (lebay)

Björn · 5 answers · 4mo

Hey, hey. What do you think of me? (Give me your honest current opinion, please.)

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