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What's your favorite, and least favorite, genre of music? And for both, why?

I don't really have a favorite genre, but one I really dislike is hiphop/rap. A lot of it seems over the top in terms of the subject matter being incredibly vulgar and crude for seemingly no reason. A lot of it focuses on violence, mentions of weapons, sex, that sort of stuff. And honestly, I don't want to listen to music about that, and it's just never been something I'm interested in. So many rap personalities, from what I've read and researched, are kinda just assholes outside of music making too, and so I'd rather not support people like that with my time and attention.

electronic-vocaloid? idrk; i like things with story. For least favorite, its mumble rap- my guy you did not create music, you made noises over a track while vaguely threatening someone.

Favorite would be any variant of alt and least favorite would be country, Christian or rap, I like the heaviness of alt music's and how relatable they are

Spotify told me that my most listened genre is "Otacore", even though at the time I didn't have a concept for it lol. I suppose that is it tho, jpop/jrock, vocaloid, anime tracks etc. I also love symphonic metal, orchestral, and some varieties of pop/pop punk. I want BIG catchy energy, something to take me on a ride and light my imagination!

Least favorites probably rap and dubstep, it just doesn't capture me the same way. The latter I find obnoxious unless it's in moderation.

Favorite: probably rock I guess
Least favorite: probably jazz or something
The energy of how it feels is big

I listen to a lot of pop music, so I guess pop is my favorite. Emo rock is my least favorite, bad memories associated with it.

It's hard to pick a favorite, but different genres of rock are probably my favorite(s), and country is probably my least favorite. Rock music seems to hit those stimmy notes for me. Country, or at least "pop country," just sounds awful to me, and it's also sometimes racist and intolerant on top of that.

I guess classical music / catchy tunes , r&b ? no real reason , I just like slow like songs but any genre is fine with me , these are generally the ones i listen to the most ^o^

My favorite is probably synthwave, because it's music from the 80s but with much less lyrics and modernized; I rarely handle lyrics since I mostly listen to music to focus on something and not to be distracted by a voice. My least favorite, I'm not sure, maybe rap, at least french rap. It uses a lot of autotune, which I hate, has voices that sound aggressive, and rarely has interesting instrumentals as the genre is focused more on lyrics.

Rock (specifically 70s-90s) for favorite, Country for least. Rock is just a genre I found myself enjoying as early as 7 years old, basically with no real reason. Country just sux tho

that is so fucking hard to pick dude…uhhh…
i guess favorite would be jpop just bc i like the common chord progressions and instruments? it’s very jazzy and rock fusion so i’m into that lol

as for least favorite? idk maybe modern country western music just bc i’m not a republican and i don’t live in the country, plus twangs annoy me to no end?

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