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Have you ever been a teacher's pet?

I was liked by most teachers but that’s only because I was extremely quiet, but because I was quiet I also wasn’t “loved” by them.

Not really, I didn't have bad relations with most of them, I just frustrated them sometimes when I didn't do the work.

Yes, and my hypothesis is that it's due to my mommy/daddy/general parental issues. My parents didn't really recognize my accomplishments and smarts, but my teachers did

Possibly. I had an English teacher in middle school who really liked my writing, and one time she used one of my stories as an example, as well as reading a poem I wrote to the class. Most of my English teachers have liked me, because writing is one of my passions (whereas I struggled in some other subjects, like math). Ironically, I like math now because I'm not doing it for a grade. :)

No, it wasn't in my nature to suck up to teachers, I was too shy and also I didn't like school at all or do the work. But once one of my junior high teachers said I gave her a reason to get up in the morning (because I grasped concepts better than anyone else in the class).

Not really, I'm too edgy for that. German class - Teacher: Who knows what the text does mean in it's subtext? - Silence - Kate? - Though the text is by Goethe I think he didn't quite think this through. The subtext is not logical I think. - Oh, you think Goethe was not right? Why? - Because his text here is of lower quality than usual maybe because prejudice hurt the meaning. - Wow, anybody else thinking this text is bad? - No? - No.

No I probably mostly frustrated them TBH, a couple of them actually vocalized this sentiment over time

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