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Do/would you care if your neighbors didn't mow their lawns?

I wanted to say I couldn't care less but then I thought about the critters it might attract. One of the surprising things (at least for me) about the town I live is that there are lots of squirrels in the streets or in the bushes. I don't want to accidentally hurt them.

I don't spend enough time standing outside the house to care what it looks like tbh. I also don't really fuck with lawns to begin with, much less the upkeep of them

A little. Only when I have to look at it (i.e front yard or can see it from my back yard without any effort).

I actually think mowing the lawn is one of the dumbest rituals of modern society, and I don't mind a yard that's completely overgrown, but, on the other hand, an overgrown lawn can supposedly bring bad creatures, so I dunno.

not from a NIMBY/eyesore/property value perspective, only from a 'what if there's dangerous wildlife living in there that can jump out and eat me' perspective

Only if it was causing some issue such as attracting rodents or insects because of the debris piling up— branches, leaves etc. Other than that— not really.

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