Karina asked 9 months ago · 12 answers

How do I stop being a shrimp and straighten out my back?

Evolve into Mammal -> Get Spine -> Become Bipedal -> ??? -> Profit aka Straight Back (unless scoliosis gotcha)

There are some exercises to do that. From yoga to HIIT. If you're too lazy to go to the gym you can find them online on youtube.

Not sure, trying to work on that myself. Every now and then when i notice im shrimping I will pull my shoulders back (pinch my shoulder blades together i guess?) and that helps relieve some of the tension in my upper back and shoulders

Work on strengthening your core muscles. See a chiropractor, also.

yoga and weight training helped me alot

flexiblity and muscles are needed. otherwise u will just try to get rid of a bad habit without having the stamina to do so

have you been deveined? OK OK seriously, I think they have exercises that are supposed to help with posture and whatnot...or, they also have shirts and bras and other wearable deals that are also supposed to help

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