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Malu bertanya sesat di jalan


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Karicia. · 34 answers · 9mo

is it strange if i ask u guys to befriend wimme here? 😁☝️

T, Adams. · 7 answers · 9mo

Happy 31st, how’s your August so far?

Karicia. · 22 answers · 9mo

happy sunday, pals! who wants to befriend wimme in X? I'm sure we aren't mutual thereee.

Karicia. · 22 answers · 9mo

good morning! do u guys mind to tell me about your on repeat song, please?

Karicia. · 11 answers · 9mo

good morning! happy friday 👐 what's your plan for today?

Sorry for the late reply cayangku. Good morning ! Jumat kemaren aku kerja. Kamu gimana ?

Nala. · 5 answers · 10mo

how's your weekend, guys? yuk cerita?

CAYANGKUU, kemaren pas weekend aku re-charger energi soalnya capek. Kamu gimana ?

Karicia. · 15 answers · 10mo

Good morn' fellas. I'm a little bit curious. For you, what attitude your partner should have?

ROUGE. · 12 answers · 10mo

What makes you fall in love with your crush/lover?

Kael. · 14 answers · 10mo

tell me how you deal with sadness.

Cry untill tired. Tapi biasanya aku nyari sesuatu buat ngedistrak kesedihan aku sih

cleyá · 13 answers · 10mo

kalian for daily use pake cushion apa?

cleyá · 10mo

siang zefanya! mind if i follow you? im new with retrospring and i saw u drop your link on ssefnum, so i thought maybe we can be friends? if you don't mind. sorry for asking this out of nowhere but have a good thursday!

Hello, Cleya. Sorry for the late respon. Of course yes ! Let's be friends. Have a nice weekend !

Harleey · 11 answers · 10mo

how do you guys cope with the loneliness? curious

Usually I'm looking for friends to chat, watch movies and listen to songs or do unfinished work :D

𝓢. · 2 answers · 10mo

Are you okeeyy? 😿💝💐

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