Daniel asked 3 months ago

What's your favorite water?


What's your favorite water?

Fresh water out of a spring, no fluoride in there!

Wet and cold

the wet kind

Answered by kelcey

I just drink tap water most of the time. If it's a bit cold, then it's better for me.

Answered by Arman

✍️it was the summer of 1996. My friends mother decided to spray us with a hose. Nothing can go wrong right? 😈 Well where there's a will there's a way. Someone who remain nameless closed their eyes because they were being splashed in the face and ran face f


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Does Badia brand coconut water count? Hey, "water" is in the name....=P Otherwise, Bubly flavored sparkling water. I used to drink La Croix.

Answered by inhahe

I'm like Penelope. Tap water, cold and fresh.

I think it was knock-off store-brand La Croix, blood orange flavored, maybe it was just because it was a bajillion degrees out but I downed TF out of it and went back into the store for a case

Tbh water between 9.2 and 9.6 PH is cash money I tell you hwat

Answered by Pawesome

Sparkling. I need those burning bubbles

Answered by cLOUD

Tap. Room temperature. Nothing fancy.

Answered by Penelope

There's a brand here called "heritage". I can't stop drinking it once I open a bottle

Tap is perfectly fine.

Answered by Pandy

La Croix Limoncello