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Daniel ha chiesto 30 giorni fa · 10 Rispostes
Do you like the name Geralt?

Geralt of Rivia? I think I don't hate it.

Wasserpistole ha chiesto circa un mese fa · 13 Rispostes
Do you believe that fights and conflicts are something necessary in a relationship?

I wouldn't say necessary. I'd prefer to see them as inevitable. I think learning the ways to handle/solve these conflicts is kind of a necessity in order to have a healthy life. Sometimes the way to solve the conflicts is by terminating the relationship.

slagathor ha chiesto circa un mese fa · 16 Rispostes
How's your handshake grip? How do you feel when the other person's grip is quite tight? What about when it's loose? Do you care about all this hoopla?

I think it's not the kind of handshake that's categorized as tight. I've encountered people that told me I should grip tighter but I couldn't care less.

ZouBisouBisou ha chiesto circa un mese fa · 13 Rispostes
What's a strange paradox you've observed? I find it silly white supremacists on the internet are into anime, Japanese culture, and (usually) have Asian fetishes. Richard Spencer (*barf*) had an Asian girlfriend.

Living in "The Islamic Republic of Iran" [even its name has paradox] I've seen countless paradoxes in my life. Below I list some of them.

  • College professors who believe in creationism.
  • People who hate Islam but participate in elections and vote for a

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Pawesome ha chiesto circa un mese fa · 10 Rispostes
When you sleep, do you need background noise like a TV or a fan? Or nah?

I guess I need some sort of steady noise to be able to sleep. I almost always put my earphones on when I go to bed. I usually listen to audio books and podcasts. They're like lullabies that help me sleep.

Daniel ha chiesto 29 giorni fa · 12 Rispostes
Who would win in a 1vs1 fight until death: Santa Claus or Jesus?

Jesus said: "If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also". That being said I think Jesus would be bitch-slapped by Santa till his soul ascended to heaven.

slagathor ha chiesto 29 giorni fa · 8 Rispostes
How did your family's education / professional expectations influence the decisions you made on your academic or professional trajectory? (e.g., if you were/weren't a first-generation university student, etc.)

They expected me to pursue a medical education/profession but I didn't want to go in that direction. So when I chose EE as my field of study they were kinda disappointed. I can say that they didn't have any influence on the decisions I made on my academic/


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Pawesome ha chiesto circa 2 mesi fa · 6 Rispostes
Have you been diagnosed with any disorders? Tell me or I'll be sad, thanks

Yup. Early onset torsion dystonia. I wrote about it here:

Pawesome ha chiesto circa 2 mesi fa · 13 Rispostes
When you hang out with your friends what do you do?

We usually take a walk and talk, take a hike and talk, go to a coffee shop and talk etc.

inhahe ha chiesto circa 2 mesi fa · 9 Rispostes
Have you ever gleeked?

I think from time to time a stream of saliva used to come out of mouth when yawning but it hasn't happened in a long time. I always wondered why that happens. I didn't know it's called gleeking.

slagathor ha chiesto circa 2 mesi fa · 14 Rispostes
In what ways do you find yourself trying to break cycles of harmful behaviors/thoughts that your parents may have inflicted on you?

Trying new things without too much thinking about failing/breaking things. Sometimes I need to make mistakes to learn.

The first couple of months we had computer at home, my dad always warned me and my sister to be careful when working with it. One night


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Daniel ha chiesto circa 2 mesi fa · 21 Rispostes
Do you usally wear a watch? If yes, what kind?

Yes. Casio Edifice. I didn't know what brand I'm wearing! I had to check that.

Daniel ha chiesto circa 2 mesi fa · 17 Rispostes
Do you ever talk to yourself out loud?

I curse myself out loud when I do something stupid.

Daniel ha chiesto circa 2 mesi fa · 16 Rispostes
Would you kiss me for 300€?

That's almost what I earn if I work +200 hours a month. I'd even french kiss you for that amount!

Daniel ha chiesto circa 2 mesi fa · 15 Rispostes
Do you think you can choose what you are thinking?

That'd be great but sometimes you can't resist; You just have to succumb and let the disturbing thoughts swamp your mind.