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Do you think that the internet has somewhat ruined the dating scene?

Dunno, though I was never really into dating anyways so :shrug:

it changed it for people like me who struggle with clubs and loud music etc for the better i feel

Just another place for people to meet and talk, though there are nuances I definitely wouldn't say ruined

I get what you mean, though I don't know about ruined...I think so much of dating is actually getting in a room with someone and determining chemistry and that part of it doesn't translate as well online - like on a dating site you check a bunch of boxes for what you want and filter out a bunch of people when who knows what kind of chemistry you would have had in the same room with them

tbh i never understood "dating". like i never "dated" someone in this sense. usually it is like finding friends but with flirting.

that said im blessed by the fact i was approached much, much more often by other people than the other way around. though i try to be more active. less for dating just as a personal goal. i kinda like being single rn in my life circumstances

It is quite possible, as there are quite a few fake profiles out there. People use these fake profiles to scam lonely singles. They pretend to be interested, act like to meet up, but all of a sudden are out of money and need to be sent something like $600 for a plane ticket to meet the victim.

And if the victim sends the money, they never hear from the profile again

Im sure that there are pros and cons to both dating the “old fashioned way” and dating via the internet.

I literally wouldn’t be in my current relationship if it wasn’t for Retrospring weirdly enough

Depends. I'd say tinder did, but twitter, Facebook and instant messaging actually improved it.

I've been in the same relationship for 13 years. I have no knowledge of the current dating scene.

To be honest I have no knowledge of the dating scene 13 years ago either? It just kinda... happened?

i dont think this can be answered by a simple yes or no. it surely has in some ways, but it also opened up new ways for the dating scene two

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