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What do you think is an acceptable age gap for partners?

i have no idea, relationships are very foreign to me so i can't really judge

My oldest partner is 7 years older and I think that's close to my limit

There is an age gap of four years between my husband and I. My romantic interest most often have been older, but not more than by 4 years. I did have one who was 4 years younger. I suppose it just depends on what point in your life you meet. Some age gaps are more significant at certain stages of life and people also mature differently. I don’t think there is one right answer for this.

as long as both are adults and consenting, it doesnt really matter.

All consensual, non-abusive age-gap relationships are acceptable. I fucking hate that stupid "half your age plus seven" bullshit. Relationships require consenting people and mutual respect not society's approval.

I want to fuck Kate Beckinsale and she's like 23 years older than me

I am not the one to ask

0 years age difference is pretty acceptable i think. 1 and 2 also.

if u are looking for a range it is harder to say

heavily depends on the age. if both are above a certain age also the type of relationship matters.

if both are fully grown adults with a stable life, and kinda found themself, like past 30 years old or something it stops mattering probably.

As long as we're talking about adults, I don't care how old/young anybody's partner is, you have to cut the cord and let people make their own decisions at some point

Multiply the number of your tits with their tits and with your age and then devise by 3. Say you're 20. So we have 2x2x20÷3= 26.
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Any consenting relationship (non-abusive, non-coercive, etc.) is acceptable.

I like to think that formula gives that answer. Where A is your age

A/2 + 7

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