Pandy asked 4 months ago · 13 answers

What are your thoughts on people who pee in the sea or other public bodies of water (lakes, rivers etc.)?

One of my battlecries is "if you can physically not urinate in spaces you're sharing with other people, then do that!" But you get in a crick, a river, the ocean, and it's an all bets are off, high risk situation. So I feel like I'm accepting and making peace with a certain level of danger and filth.

If it's in the UK, I don't think it matters much when the rivers and sea frequently have sewage released into them.

When you are a diver in the ocean there are no other options. But when you are in a public pool you got other options. Chose them!

Idk, I guess it's harmless, those bodies of water are open enough and/or there's enough flow to disperse/carry away the pee..

To be fair, we should bring in fish and let them crap in those people's houses

i don’t think too much about it since fishes pee and more in there lol.

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