LaDamaX asked 9 months ago · 11 answers

What song recently made the cut to be added to your playlist?

I don't exactly do playlists, I like my music listening to always be some little surprise, usually. But one song to catch my attention recently, that I don't remember hearing before, was Touching the Void by Soulfly.

The only playlist I listen to is Discover Weekly on Spotify, but I did create a 'Best of Discover Weekly' playlist which is mainly just to bookmark the artists that I'd be interested in hearing a whole album from. This was the lastest song I added Seabiscuit - Youth Accomplished

Album Hard Candy / Counting crows the title Big Yellow Taxi with Vanessa Carlton.

The last song I added was Alex ll Martinenko & Kalinqua - Intergalactic Connection

I've been high and in a goth mood. You must get high with me, listen to this and walk slowly in a parking lot at night😈😆

The very last thing was some Tina Turner since she passed - like the Thunderdome song, we don't need another hero and whatnot

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