Karicia. · 28 answers · 8mo

how can u handle yourself when u feel burn out?

i'll take a deep breath and rest all day (off media social, prolly just spotify)

When I'm burnt out, I make sure to take breaks. I find joy in activities that I into, get enough sleep, do what I love, and eat whatever I want. Watching my favorite movie while enjoying comfort food also helps. Lastly, spending time with my best friend, having deep talks, or discussing whatever comes to mind while eating our favorite food in the car is a great way to unwind too. (but I often do the last one, anyway!)

i take a rest, watch soothing videos (fresh salmon cutting kind of vibe, for me), and eat as much yummy food as possible. it doesn’t have to be a feast, a block of chocolate will do too.

disappeared and had minimal interaction with everyone, letting myself be alone until I felt like I could be fine.

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