Dabria · 14 answers · 1y

Best thing happened in May?

May truly brought me a sense of joy and gratitude for being able to be with my loved ones once more!

The only thing that I enjoyed in May was I got so much time to spend with my loved ones; family, friends, and my partner. I had quite an amazing time that month, and it was the only thing that I cherish. I love spending time with them.

may is a hell of rollercoaster! however, no matter how bad it is, i always find something to be grateful for. like being offered to join a competition after my task got a perfect score. or going back to the gym (i love it sm)

I won an award for my animation short movie, my art slump ended, flowers from my boyfriend and everything In 1975s <3

OH I HAVE A LOT. i gained a lot of friends lately. we went out many times, and also i’ve changed my lifestyle into a healthier one. i’ve became very strict to myself and i think it’s a good thing. i take care of myself very well oh i’m so proud. 😭 money came easily this month and i believe next month, until the end of this year, more money will always come and find me 🩷

Meet new friends here alias banyak ketemu orang-orang baik di sini karena join CA, and I love them so much. <3

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