Alana Nathalia. · 13 answers · 10mo

Good evening, beautiful. Just a quick interest check, what's your favorite color and why?

Good evening, my pretty prettiest! Im currently and slowly back into pink & peach. There's no specific reason but i do look good with that one (especially for any make up)

I don't really know which color I prefer (confised). I'm consistently drawn to and captivated by soft colors like pastels, finding them incredibly cute and adorable. Strangely though, when it comes to purchasing or wearing things, I tend to go for darker shades like black or maybe the nude one. I feel more confident and think those colors suit me better.

Mine is white. I don’t know why, but for me white represent something pretty, innocence, purity, and so gorgeous. I’m just in love with that color.

I like blue and orange (orange sunset), the reason is because I really like looking up at the sky. It gives me peace

Blue!! Whenever I see blue color in any place that I’ve visited {not blue neon... meh}, I feel calm and refreshed at the same time!

good evening, pretty! the color that i like quite a lot. there are purple, black, red, and white. and i don't know why i like that color, but if i wear or see that color, i feel that it's really me, you know it's like the vibes really get to me hahhaha

Evening, gorgeous! Mine is blue, coz it remind me of the sky and i do love them sm

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