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Do you have to deal with customer complaints? Do they upset you?


Do you have to deal with customer complaints? Do they upset you?

I don't. Probably why my view of people isn't stained even more than it is

I have. Yeah, I'm a mild mannered pos and when certain kinds of people have been inconvenienced in their consumption of goods they really go scorched earth, and they think I work for their enemy.

Worse. Parental complaints. I don’t generally get very many—- at least not to my face.

Thankfully that rarely happens and when it does, it's usually something trivial so I just get the manager to deal with it and get on with my day

Not right now, but when I used to volunteer at a hospital gift shop I had this old white lady come in and bitch about the return policy because I couldn't accept her return; I had to offer her in-store credit per store policy. She angrily stormed out and said she'd never give me her money again, as if the profits from the gift shop went to my personal bank account

Ohhhhh yeeeeeahhh. Their lack of education and arrogance upset me

I worked as a customer services supervisor among other things while I was a student. I’ve never been yelled at so much in my life. Most of it was because of their own stupidity. The rest of it was due to ridiculously inconsequential stuff that I wouldn’t have batted an eyelid at. I only ever got slightly annoyed once when a woman shouted, “You don’t know what you’re doing!” because she’d forgotten her purse and I wasn’t going to let her take a trolley-full of shopping out the door for free.

Are Retrospring users customers? Also do it at work, but they don't really upset me there either.

Not directly, I get forwarded e-mails all the time, they're funny to me, everybody knows the president, or they'll do that passive aggressive CC of the legal department or whatever, that one is always a laugh riot, people really don't read their contracts SMH

I rarely get true complaints. Customers are understanding here

Not really. Working in a nursing home the complaints are alittle nuts. I was blamed for causing the holocaust from one patient sooo, kinda rolls off my back😁

Sort of. Student complaints. It’s annoying more than upsetting. they complain about the tests looking “nothing like hw/class work”. #1 it doesn’t have to… that’s the whole point of tests … they test if you you apply your knowledge #2 but also, yes it does. I throw in enough similar problems that if you “mastered” hw and classwork problems like you said, you’d easily get a C. #3. And no. No extra credit. At least not until you actually finish all assigned stuff. You can’t have a 40% completion on hw and ask for extra credit… come on

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