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What is a word you pronounced incorrectly? Me: Arkansas


What is a word you pronounced incorrectly? Me: Arkansas

Portable. I used to think it was pronounced like por-TAY-ble, but now I know it's PORT-a-ble. Never spoke that out loud though.

Prelude. I also pronounced "homophone" wrong last night. I wasn't sure between two different pronunciations.

Anything Welsh, excuuuuse me like I'm supposed to know what wyyygnygggywwwnngggrwygg is supposed to sound like 😛

Every Irish name I've come across among many other words.

It's funny, I was in Fayetteville, Arkansas on Friday and heard some stuff at the show I was at about how Kansas should be pronounced Kansaw. Of course, my dad always used to jokingly pronounce Arkasnas as Ar-kansas.

I pronounced "tactile" as "tactical" as a kid for a short while, before someone cut the fuck loose on me about it and roasted me into oblivion.

I've only recently found out how "chitin" is supposed to be pronounced.

Rant. In my regional accent, the A sound is different in words like ant and aunt, can and can't, bat and bath, plan and plant. So when it comes to ran and rant, my brain wants them to be pronounced differently too, but even in my region they're supposed to have the same sound. It's rare for me to use the word rant, so when I do, I have to be careful not to embarrass myself by saying it wrong. Probably why I rarely say it.

Just did a quick search, and I'm relieved to see there are other weird people out there like me with the same problem https://www.reddit.com/r/CasualUK/comments/7jw53e/how_do_you_pronounce_the_word_rant/

Library, I blame my parents, all of them pronounce it Li-BERRY😆. It took time for me to break that 😆

I use to pronounce a lot of words incorrectly. for the longest time animals was aMiNals and I just remember not hearing the difference at all. I still have a hard time with specific and pacific. don’t ask me to say it cause everyone will laugh 😭

oh, oops, the first time I answered I thought it said "pronounce," not "pronounced." The first time I said superfluous, I pronounced it SUPerFLUous, and my friends laughed at me. =/ I've gotten the emphasis wrong on a lot of other words, too, but I don't remember which ones without thinking too hard.

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