Daniel · 12 answers · 2mo

Do you think you pay too many taxes?

As a true conservative I think we should pay more taxes, just like the good old days

Not as such, no. It's more about what governments spend taxes on. There's purse is bottomless when it comes to missiles and tanks, but always empty when families can't afford to heat their homes or feed themselves.

I do. The only benefits I see is that the roads are maintained, fires are put out and the bins are collected. Can't access the GP more than half the time, not seen a police officer in the area for ages...

I think my government spends way too much tax money on the Department of Defense, so in that sense taxes should be lower (and/or we should get a lot more/better social services), but I don't personally pay income taxes. I only pay sales tax, and I never really think about it.

I do pay a lot, but what I get in return doesn't quite match what I expect. There are countries that have a much higher tax rate where people are much more happy when asked. In fact the countries with the highest taxes report to have the most happy people. I think nations should try to make happiness the main goal as part of their constitution and throw out everything else, especially any chauvinistic stupidities. I only know a single nation where happiness is the constitutional goal, and that is the Kingdom of Bhutan.

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