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Do you think it's inappropriate to drink beer in public transport?

It depends on the circumstances. They sell beer on UK trains, for instance. It can be done with consideration, but it’s not something I’d do.

it’s fine as long as you’re being responsible over it. if you’re drunk and getting in peoples space, that’s not ok. but that’s a whole other issue. drinking, yes. being drunk and disrupting people, no. that said I would rather see that person on public transportation than driving still.

Culturally, that doesn’t vibe well with me. I’m not sure how people who grew up in other cultures would feel about it.

People carry their coffee paper mugs there in the thousands and do not feel ashamed to put them everywhere and spill the floor and seats. So why should it be more inappropriate with beer?

I think I would responsibly enjoy a little cider on a long transit ride, but to allow it for everyone of drinking age sounds like not a good idea. Plus what Sean mentioned... some people will be policed more than others. And now that I think about it more it's probably not a good idea given that alcohol makes you wanna shit and piss

eh, I lean toward no, or at least not on its own, but a lot of people will act a damn fool when they've been drinking, plus there is the stench of a person who is soused, neither of those things are what you are looking for when you just want to ride the bus downtown, so you have a courtesy/consideration issue, I'd say you could allow it until you become a nuisance, but I'm sure that label will totally be applied fairly and evenly

Yes. If you can't go on a simple journey without drinking alcohol I think you have some kind of problem. It's exactly the same with trains and aeroplanes.

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