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recommend me some mvs to watch please

I don't know if you ever watched this one, but The Good Nurse is a bone-chilling adventure—a so-so masterpiece for me. However, a particular scene must be witnessed at least once in a lifetime.

the battleship island (korean), world war z (western), inseparable bros (korean), midnight runners (korean), the last of us (western)

How about I give you TV shows / series recommendation instead of movie? Because I think you already have plenty of it! Sooo, it called Loki!!!!! OMGGG IT JUST A PERFECT WATCH FOR EVERYBODYYYYYYYY (ig?). Ummmm, but if you're not into MCU one, then you should give a shoot to Anne with an E, my best-best-bestest series everrrrrrr.

Here are my top 4 that you can check it out.
- Us
- Catch Me If You Can
- Forgotten
- Shutter Island

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