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Hey, if someone have crush on you, how do you want to be approached?

If someone has a crush on me, I'd like them to take it slow, getting to know each other at a comfortable pace.

Gak mau dan jangan dekatin lagi tidak ingin di crushin atau pacaran atau pdkt-an dan terakhir di confess-in, apapun yang berbau romance, tidak mau hehehe..

Interesting. Euhm— I prefer to be approached brutally by those who have a crush on me, HAHAHAH. Just because, sometimes, situations like this are confusing for me if you approach me with a short interaction and stuck at one point. Lemme accept your feelings with excitement, lemme exceed what you expect to be your girlfriend. Thank you for asking, nice one.

Like a friend but more intense, kalo bisa jangan terlalu brutal dan ugal-ugalan karena aku takut.

If I were single and I had someone crushing on me, I'd rather be treated gently. I love every attentions they give which make me feel loved. Don't be so aggressive.

Talk to me directly and be blunt. Plus, show me the love you want to give since I'm not really into WOA. I mean, action means everything to me than words.

I prefer them to go straight talking to me in DM, tbh. But I won't force them, just wait for them to be ready showing themselves.

hmm, this is quite interesting. don’t look too obvious when approaching me, MAKE ME CURIOUS, be mysterious but still pay attention to me. ini sih lebih ke quickest way to my heart ya.

hey! for me approach naturally, as friends. friends to talk with, friends to buy food with or play with. because to be honest, i was confused if anyone came to me and then said that he liked me. i don't know what to react to? other than saying thank you. therefore, making friends without showing that he likes me is the right path.

To be honest, agak sulit buat saya terima approach dari orang yang have a crush buat saya. Karena, saya cuma bisa bilang terima kasih dan menghargai perasaannya, selebihnya saya bingung harus gimana. Tapi, saya sangat terbuka kalau diajak ngobrol atau berteman. I'm okay with that.

maybe by approaching me in a nice way first? like interacting with my posts and let yourself be known first (if we haven’t known each other). talking to me frequently and able to keep up the convo would be a point plus.

Be a friend first and talk to me everyday, maybe? Pokoknya pelan-pelan aja, in gently and politely way.

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