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Arman asked about 2 months ago · 13 answers

[Hot take on women's suffrage I heard on YouTube] "... I think Rights [should] come w/ responsibilities. One of the reasons that men had the right to vote was because they were subject to the draft and they still are ..." Thoughts? Counterarguments?

OK then, people who aren't allowed to vote should never have to pay taxes

Shannon asked about 2 months ago · 10 answers

What's your opinion on plus size?

As in clothing? Or just kinda bigger people in general? I don't guess it matters to me because I want people to find their happiness, whatever size that comes in, waste of life and time trying to police random people's waistlines...and it's not a dealbreaker for me sexually either, if I'm into her I'm into her, saddle up and let's goooo

Dingus asked about 2 months ago · 14 answers

What is your body telling you?

LaDamaX asked about 2 months ago · 18 answers

Would it be ok to greet you with a kiss on the cheek upon meeting you in person for the first time?

I don't know what kind of boy you think I am, but I am saving that for marriage! 🤡 Nah it's fine, it's usually surprising when people do it but I can go with it

Shannon asked about 2 months ago · 10 answers

Have you ever tried edibles and if you have what happend?

I did the rookie move where I gobbled a brownie and thought I didn't feel anything and so ate a couple more and then it was 36 hours later and I don't know how I got home

Pandy asked about 2 months ago · 12 answers

Would you rather care less or more than you currently do?

less, caring about things is how I got here and I am not OK

A asked about 2 months ago · 3 answers

Is independence essential?

Daniel asked about 2 months ago · 17 answers

What style of architecture do you like a lot?

just keep the roof over my head, I'm not real fussed with much else...but I do kinda like that old Russian style with all the onion dome type deals, I'm not sure what it's called, I'm not even sure it's originally Russian, geez I'm not an architect get off my case!

A asked about 2 months ago · 5 answers

What helps you grow?

A asked about 2 months ago · 6 answers

What is necessary in life?

Shannon asked about 2 months ago · 9 answers

Have you ever broken up with someone you still loved?

Shannon asked about 2 months ago · 10 answers

A man in England was turned away from a pub in Liverpool by a bouncer for being too old. Thoughts?

That's messed up, are they trying to be one of those 'we're young and trendy' kind of places? Anyway it's outrageous and I'm going to gather up some old people and we're going to march at 4 AM before the Country Buffet opens

A asked about 2 months ago · 5 answers

What's the best recipe involving eggs for you?

I'm tossing out things like cake and whatnot, that is cheating - I decided. Omelets are probably the best, but I also like egg fried rice and egg drop soup

A asked about 2 months ago · 5 answers

Is hi or hello ever an interesting conversation starter, can it be?

I mean it's the bare minimum I guess, personally I just ask them where they got their watch or whatever, pretty easy to strike gold with stuff like that

A asked about 2 months ago · 7 answers

How does the rain make you feel?