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Do you need to talk about your life or daily basis to others? How does it make you feel?

It feels good to talk about your life with others but if there is no one that I can talk to, it's fine and I can manage. I usually talk more about my life on Retrospring and Twitter than to someone in real life ...

Eh, I'd rather not. I approach life like walking through a blizzard, head down and push foward, not to address it😆

I don't need to, but sometimes it's a relief to say whatever's on your heart

Oh yess! I need to talk about many things and what is more important than life? But I do not vent it all here nor on any other social media outlet but I have people I talk to in my life who neither find it boring nor a nuisance ;)

Nope. I sure don’t. This is likely where I talk most about my life.

Yeah, I want to be understood. Maybe I want people to know how much I've suffered -- I'm not exactly sure why, because I don't think it's sympathy I want. I'm not sure exactly what you mean by "daily basis." If you mean what all my days have in common, I might want to discuss that, but it might depress me. If you mean discuss what happened each day on that day, I think that would just feel tedious.

I'm working on finding ways to chat without it.
I feel comfortable doing that though.

No, it's not very interesting. I actually do a thing where after I talk to people about what's going on with them I'll bring up a pos I'm super interested, and I wanna talk about that or subjects relating to that... Because it makes me happy, or whatever. And some folks will lowkey be like, 'hmm I don't give a shit about this, how's your personal reality?' And I'm disappointed and feel kinda dejected N rejected. Even though someone is asking about me, which is very nice of them. I mean, people I'm really close to seem to understand this about me though, so that's cool forever.

Only to those who ask. If not, I guess I just bottle it up... :)

I often do. I have friends in the same age group and career so we have lots to talk/text about every day. It feels really nice to be heard

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