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Who is one of your favorite youtubers?

I like The Spiffing Brit - he just breaks video games, showing how to do all kinds of cheaty broken exploits and stuff for a bunch of different games (as you may expect, Skyrim features prominently on his channel) also he's pretty amusing when he's doing it

I mean my favorite youtuber changes constantly depending what I am into at that moment and I mostly watch for purely entertainment content. I like Anthony Padilla, dreading (crime and psychology), Drew Monson, Amber Scholl, Mina Le, Ready to Glare. I’m not sure any one stands out as favorite to me I think it really just depends on what I want to watch

Oo thats really hard to say... it might be a basic answer, but I think for overall intrigue and production value, I'd say Mark Rober is a fantastic youtube.

Dr. Gary Linkov, a plastic surgeon who gives you the tea on different famous people and the procedures that he thinks they’ve had done and also chronicles his personal battle w alopecia, Bailey Sarian (make-up, murder, and mystery), Jauja Cocina (homemade Mexican food in the 🇺🇸), De Mi Rancho a tu Cocina (Mexican grandmother who cooks from the countryside in Michoacán, Mexico), Li Ziqi (young woman who lives in mountainous region in China), Taste Life (Azerbaijani couple who live in a beautiful village showcasing their day to day life)… Then there are the young Mexican humor YouTubers that I love— Abelardo Campuzano and others.

I just lisen to covers or music. I would say a channel the gets djs to remix songs, from the production of it to the final result.

Oh I have many. I like one called Dr Mike. He's a doctor who reacts to injury videos or surgeries in movies or tv😁

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