Arthur asked over 1 year ago · 12 answers

How do you react when someone recognizes you but you don't remember who they are?

It doesn't happen a lot. I just confess, and assure them it's not that they're extremely easy to forget, I just have a bad brain. That's a great way to rekindle an acquaintance, because it keeps the expectations they have for me from then on out appropriately low.

Hey, .... pal. How are things, good?, how's the family? That's soo you.. we had some times didn't we🤔🤔🤔😆

I really dont. I just assume people reconize me from work, because ya know, retail.

I'm the one who gets forgotten, in that position though, I just apologize and ask for their grace in reminding me

That never happened to me until my brain fog settled in about a year ago. But it did happen last semester when some lady at work totally recognized me under my mask and we chatted it up- but I didn’t place her until months later. She was the dean who was on my faculty tenure committee for 4 years …😬 oops-

Panic mode gets activated. I scan them to try and get clues and then, if that fails, start planning my escape route.

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