Maureen. · 13 answers · 7mo

Hi! How's your October so far?

telat ngga ya baru jawab sekarang? either way, aku amnesia kecil sih beneran udah lupa what happened during october... maaf kalau short term memory banget anaknya SJHDKHKD.

Been great, spending my time with friends and gf and now I'm dealing with assignments.

Pretty good. Sejauh ini berjalan dengan baik sampai mau ke akhir bulan sekalipun hehe.

so far good sih.. semuanya terhadapi dan dilalui dengan baik walau ada marah dan sedihnya, but its okay tetap bersyukur. kalau Kanaya gimana?

So far, my October has been going well. Honestly, my life is just as it is - neither more nor less. I find myself comfortably settled in my comfort zone. However, it's worth noting that this month of October resonates with the essence of love, much like the song 'We fell in love in October' beautifully describes. I adore the euphoric atmosphere that this enchanting month brings. Moreover, with the arrival of Scorpio season, my excitement levels have soared even higher.

Pretty good, I don't know. It is just the usual sadness, the usual pain, the usual days, the usual little smiles and laughter. Just like any other months apparently.

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