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Who would win in a fight-a grizzly bear or a silverback gorilla?

The bear, probably. It's going to be bigger and stronger when it's enraged, right? That seems to be all that really matters with large animals going one-on-one, the largest one comes through as the "winner."

Grizzly, thicker hide, crushing weight about twice that of your larger silverback. It can take it and dish it back like Kate on margarita night. 🌚

They had a similar debate on a website. Gonzaga bulletin says "With the bear's massive body, superior muscle, surprising speed and evolutionary armory, there really isn't any way a gorilla wins the fight" I agree with this. I've heard of hunters shooting bears multiple times with powerful rifles and the bear kept charging. They're basically tanks with claws😁

Hmm.... I think gorilla has a slight edge as its a bit more mobile. Would be one hell of a fight though.

Probably the grizzly. Bigger, heavier and a natural killer. I remember reading about when bears and lions used to be made to fight for entertainment, and a grizzly bear could kill an African lion with a single swipe to the skull, so I imagine it could also inflict serious damage to a gorilla if it can land a blow. The gorilla is smarter, more agile and incredibly strong, but I'm not sure it could overcome the size disadvantage, plus it doesn't have the nature of a predator.

The gorilla would be smarter and faster, but bears are incredibly powerful - I read somewhere that being hit by a bear is like being hit by a car going at 30mph. Plus they have massive claws capable of doing immense damage. One hit and the gorilla’s toast.

The bear, it was made for that. Although the gorilla has enough manoeuvrability to make it a draw.

I think some of the 'higher' apes, like an orangutan and definitely a gorilla, would beat a bear, I feel like they are a LOT stronger than people realize, plus they're smarter

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